Monday, 4 June 2018

Glossy Box Review & Was It Worth It?

Anybody who regularly reads my blog regularly, shoutout to you guys, will know that I've had a three month subscription to Glossy Box. But if you're new here hi, hello, welcome I'm Katie and lets get you caught up. I paid £28.50 for a three month plan and have received the Februarys Galentine's box, the March Spring box and then I got Nostalgia April box. I've been pretty disappointed with my two boxes so between that and being swamped with revision in essays for uni I'm pretty late on reviewing the April box so lets get straight into it. I apologies for how late this review is, if you follow me on twitter you'll know I've had a lot going on at uni and in my personal life recently but I still wanted to get this post up as it rounds off my experience with Glossy Box.

The nostalgia box aimed to bring a fresh twist on old classics and in the box I received the Karl Lagerfeld & Model co baked blush in light beige, which was meant to be an early exclusive release of his collection but I can't find it on the Model co website? , Affect Cosmetics matt  effect transparent loose rice powder RRP £9.35, Eyeko London FAT liquid liner RRP £16, Model Launcher safari bronzer RRP £20 and a Carmex strawberry lip balm RRP £2.69. Without knowing the price of the blush the box comes to £48.04.

Starting with the Karl Lagerfeld & Model Co baked blush which is described as a brightening and highlighting blush. The product itself is quite small, I though it was a sample size originally and is very lightweight. I would have expected a bit more of a luxurious packaging from a designer such as Lagerfeld. However I did like the blush, it was quite subtle but I loved the highlighting aspect of it.

Next was the Affect Cosmetics matt effect transparent loose rice powder which straight away I didn't like the sound of cause I love a good selfie so the worst thing for me is transparent powders with awful flashback. But amazingly after applying it and taking a photo with flash there was no flashback. I only used a light hand to apply it but felt this worked really well for me and I did enjoy the powder.

If you've read my other posts you'll know I hadn't heard of hardly any brands included in the boxes however Eyeko London is one of the few that I have. The fat liquid liner lives up to its name as it looks like a fat felt tip. I love felt tip liners as they're super easy to use and get the job done quickly. However, the last thing this liner was was quick. There was no pigment in the eyeliner and I was having to press down really hard to get any pay off. In the end I had to finish my eyes off with the Schwing eyeliner by The Balm.

The safari bronzer by Model Launcher was the first product I opened when I got this box and I was put off immediately by the animal print design and shimmer in the bronzer. The packaging was quite disappointing too as it feels like cheap plastic my NYX bronzers are heavier and bigger than this. Surprisingly I didn't find the bronzer to have a shimmer to it at all once I applied it which was a massive positive for me, but I did find it really hard to blend in and that I didn't get much pay off.

Finally was the Carmex which obviously theres not much for me to say about this as I'm sure you've all used it. It's a typical lip balm with includes SPF 15 and describes itself as soothing, protecting and mositurising. I constantly have chapped lips so this is one product I was thankful to recieve as my current lip balm was running low when it came.

So after three month I'm still not that impressed with Glossy Box. Theres been a few products I've liked but none I've loved and significantly more that I haven't liked at all. As far as the value of the boxes thats up to you to decide but theres a lot of brands I haven't hears of and quite a few products that haven't even appeared on the brands websites which is a bit worrying. However don't let this put you off as I guess everyones preferences are different and I know a lot of my friends and other bloggers have really enjoyed the boxes they've had. Personally I think this has put me off trying any other subscription boxes as it made me realise unless it was way more personalised that its going to be a waste of money.

What do you guys think of subscription boxes?

Katie x

Friday, 4 May 2018

Testing Pixi Skincare

Pixi is a brand that I'd heard many people raving about but I'd never got round to trying out their products so I decided to do a little haul. Pixi started in London but now has a worldwide following with their skincare and beauty products. All of their products are infused with botanicals and beneficial ingredients making them quite natural. I decided to try out some of their skincare products and after looking through all the products on Cult Beauty and the reviews I bought Peel & Polish £26, Glow Mud Mask £18 and Nourishing Lip Polish £14 which all had 4+ stars.

Peel & Polish is described as being a multi-action peel and polish packed with enzymes, lactic acid and revitalising sugar extracts to dissolve dulling dead cells and reveal a radiant visage. I was attracted to this product as I sometimes get dry patches and there was a few reviews that said got rid of rough texture on the skin. The product was expensive but you get 80ml of product so I don't think thats too bad for a non drugstore brand, I've been using it  three times a week for a month and there's still plenty left . The packaging is a pale pink with green lid and rose gold writing and its a simple squeezy tube. It has an amazing papaya smell and sort of reminds me of holidays. You apply a thin layer to dry skin which I've been focusing on my T-zone and cheeks and massage in then leave it for a few minutes and rinse off .I've been leaving it for five minutes for a bit extra exfoliation and my skin feels amazing after. It gets rid of all the extra oil on my skin so I would recommend using it on a morning. It makes your skin feel extremely soft after too and unlike some exfoliators I've used I don't feel the need to slather my face in moisturiser after. After a month of using it I'm not sure if it's been doing much as an exfoliator as I still have dry patches but it's been amazing at cleansing my skin so I would defiantly buy it again just for this.

The Glow Mud Mask sounded right up my street as its described as a 15-minute facial in a tube. This is a clay based mask containing sea salt used to draw out impurities and a combination of botanical extracts to perk up lacklustre completions and prevent breakouts. I bought this as it sounded like a natural black head mask which I'm forever buying. This tube contained 45ml of product which has went down pretty quickly, I've used it twice a week for a month and it requires a thick layer on the T-zone so I don't think its good value for money. The packaging is green with rose gold writing and again comes in a squeezy tube. There was one review on Cult Beauty complaining about the smell but I think it smells quite refreshing and didn't find it off putting at all. I applied this to my T-zone and on my chin too. The directions tell you to leave it till its dry to peel off which I found was about half an hour. It peeled off really easy and didn't hurt like a lot of masks I've used for impurities. Unfortunately I didn't find that it was drawing much out. You could see a few white heads on the mask and my skin felt amazing it was baby's-butt soft but it didn't move the few black heads I do have. I don't think I would buy this again as I don't think its very good value for money and I didn't find it did anything for my blackheads.

Finally I tried the Nourishing Lip Polish. I struggle with dry lips constantly, they're always cracked and flakey so when I saw this lip scrub I knew I had to try it. It's described as a blend of shea butter, sweet almond, apricot and oils to smooth, plump and hydrate. This is 10ml which I think is pretty good as you only need a little bit of product, I've used this nearly every day for a month and there is still plenty of product in the tube. This is again a squeezy tube thats green with rose gold writing. The applicator is textured so you can use this to buff the product in and exfoliate your lips. I found that I had to work the product in for about five minutes for it to actually move the skin on my lips but it didn't take the dry skin off completely so I was then having to pick at my lips. It works quite well as a plumper as you're scrubbing your lips so all the blood rushes to them. As for the formula of the product I found it quite slimy and thick. I think this product is a really good idea but the formula needs to be harsher for it to actually exfoliate the lips. I think when I finish using it I'm going to keep the applicator and use it with the Lip Scrub from Lush. But I don't think I will try it again.

Overall, I liked the natural formulas and despite only loving one product I think I'll be trying out more products from Pixi in the future. Is there any Pixi products you recommend?

Katie x

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Spring Glossy Box

If any of you read my 'My First Glossy Box' review last month you'll know I signed up to a 3 month subscription, so here is box number 2. After last months box I wasn't that excited for this one to come so it took me a bit longer to even open it never mind use the products which is why this post is a bit late. But once I opened this box I was pretty excited as it seemed much more up my street. This box was aimed at refreshing and reviving your skin which after all the crap weather in the UK I could certainly use.
 In my box I received the Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask from MUDMASKY (travelsize) RRP £14.99, Oryza Beauty's Warm Nude Lipstick RRP £15.95, Figs & Rouge Soft Focus Pore Perfect HD+ RRP £35, Laura Geller Illuminating Stick in Ballerina RRP £19 and Lue by Jean Seo Erase RRP £11. These products individually total £95.94 which was amazing considering I paid £9.50 for each box.

Lets start with the Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask by MUDMASKY. I'd never heard of this brand but the full size product is meant to sell at £61 so I couldn't wait to try it out. MUDMASKY is a brand from Amsterdam that specialises in pH balancing facial masks. This overnight mask uses fresh, raw, all-natural ingredients and smells amazing as its scented with rose water which is meant to help you sleep. I used all of these products for a month as I do with everything before I talk about it on my blog but by the end of the month I'd ran out of product. You put the mask on before bed and wash off with warm water in the morning. It applies and comes off easily and my skin felt baby soft in the morning. I feel a bit neutral when it comes to this product as my skin did feel good as there was no problems with it but I don't think I will be in any rush to spend £61 on another bottle of this.

Next is my favourite product from the box, Oryza Beauty's Warm Nude Lipstick. Again this is a brand I had never heard of and I'm more of a liquid lipstick kind of girl so I didn't have very high hopes for this product. It's part of the Velvet Ribbon range which strangely I couldn't find on their website? But its described as having a weightless, semi-matte and satin finish. I applies nicely and the formula is really creamy. I wore it to a 21st birthday where I was constantly drinking and found that it did come off but because of how comfortable the formula was I didn't mind reapplying. It was also a nice change to wear a lipstick as opposed to a liquid lipstick that makes my lips dry. The colour is a rose nude but appears a lot paler on the lip as you can see in my look testing out all the make up products from this box.

The soft focus pore perfect HD+ primer was a product I couldn't wait to try out as I'm all about pore perfecting primers. It's described as a weightless, matte serum designed to minimise the appearance of pores. This was another product that I strangely couldn't find on the Figs & Rouge website. When I put this primer on I was surprised that it was a serum as most pore perfecting primers have a thick silicone feel. It felt greasy on my skin but disappeared as soon as I put my foundation on. I used the L'oreal Infallible total coverage foundation which I've been loving recently with it and was really disappointed. My pores seemed slightly reduced but not what you would expect for a £35 product. I found it hard to spread my foundation out over it and thought my skin looked cakey. My makeup did stay in place for the 6 hours I had it on but I certainly wouldn't be spending my money on this as the NYX pore filler is significantly better for only £10.

When I saw the Laura Geller Illuminating Stick I couldn't wait to try it as I've been looking at Laura Geller products for the past year but never got round to try it. The illuminator comes in the shade ballerina and is described as a durable oil-free highlighter that can be used on make up of bare skin. The shade is slightly more pinky than the highlighters I use but I did like the colour once I put it on my skin. I put it underneath my makeup then used it on top as well. When I applied it on top I put some of the back of my hand then used my finger to put it on my skin as stick products can sometimes pull the base off.I liked the colour and the formula of this but I'm not a big fan of stick products so think I will be trying this out in the baked gelato swirl.

Finally is the Lue by Jean Seo Erase which is described as a pH balanced powder that cleanses, exfoliates and brightens. To apply you take a spoonful of the powder and fix it with a spoon of water to make a mask. Straight away I didn't like this product it looked and smelt like porridge which I hated and after letting it dry I found it really difficult to wash off. It did absolutely nothing for my skin. After a month of using it my skin looked no different and didn't even feel sort after use. I would not recommend this product I found it pretty disgusting and got no results.

Again I'm quite disappointed with this box I did like a few of these products but I don't think there is anything I'd buy again so to me it was a waste of money. I've only got one left to come now and unless that box is extremely impressive I can't see myself ordering another subscription? Is there any subscription boxes you would recommend instead?

Katie x