Friday, 1 December 2017

Beauty Bay Haul

Beauty Bay really stepped up their Black Friday game this year with 30% off everything! I was sat in a lecture at 11am on Monday when I saw their instagram post announcing their sale and couldn't resist. I spent the rest of the lecture filling my bag with £133's worth of goodies.

Lets started with the make up. First in my basket was the Stilla One Step Colour Correct Primer. This had been on my wishlist for ages, as someone who suffers from rosacea, I found the colour correcting element very appealing. After swatching it I realised it gives a really weightless feel to the skin and has a really creamy formula, RRP £24. Next was two L.A. Girl products. This is a brand I don't really know much about as they're not in high street stores in the UK but I was keen to try some of their products out after hearing numerous Youtubers talk about their products. I got the Pro Setting HD setting spray which is meant to be long lasting with a matte finish. From spraying it I can see it does dry matte but I haven't had the chance to wear it for a full day and see how long lasting it is yet but it does feel refreshing on the skin, RRP £6. I also got the L.A. Pro conceal in the shade Toast to use as a cream contour. The shade toast appears darker than on the picture on Beauty Bay so I think it might be a bit too dark for me but it does have a nice creamy formula and seems pretty full coverage, RRP £5.00. Going off make up for a sec, I also got the Hair Burst chewable hair vitamins, I'd been looking at these for ages as I'm desperately trying to get my hair to grow. I've tried the Sugar Bear Hair vitamins and had no results whatsoever so I can't wait to try these and see if they're any better, RRP £20. I will be doing a review of them in about a months time if you want to see if they're as good as they're meant to be.

Back to make up as I needed to have the above picture in to talk about these next three products. The next three products are all liquid lipsticks which I'd been wanting to try for ages but had been put off by the price of £12.95 for Dose of Colors lipsticks and £16 for Jeffree Star ones. It might not seem like that much but when comparing them to the NYX ones which are £7 it is round about double. I'm slightly disappointed with these three as I was expecting them to be a lot bigger from pictures I had seen meaning they are smaller than the NYX ones. I got the Dose of Colors liquid lipstick in the shade Campfire, which is the top swatch on the above picture. It's a peachy nude which applied really nicley and smells amazing. I then got two Jeffree Star velour liquid lipsticks in the shade Redrum and Androgyny. Redrum is the middle swatch and appears to be a slightly pinky red. The last swatch is Androgyny which is described on the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website as a sultry, plum mauve, however after swatching it I would say it was more of a brown tone than plum but it is a really nice dark nude. Despite being disappointed with the size I was really impressed with the Jeffree Star lipsticks, they applied easily and didn't budge all night, I put 1 extra coat on while I was out but I don't even think it was necessary. They felt amazing on my lips and unlike most liquid lipsticks didn't make my lips feel dry.

Now onto brushes.For the last few months I've been putting together a list of brushes that I need after watching my favourite Youtubers and recommendations from friends so I had a list of brushes ready and waiting in my wishlist. I'll go left to right using the picture from above: Nanshy F02 Flawless  Foundation Flat Top Brush RRP £9.95 , Morphe G4 angled blush brush RRP £14.50, Zooeva 128 Cream Cheek Brush RRP £13, Morphe G35 Pointed Powder Brush RRP £9, Morphe M501 Pro Pointed Blender Brush RRP £9, Sigma E25 Blending Brush RRP £12.50, Morphe M321 RRP £3.50, Morphe M506 RRP £7.00. Theresa mix of burshes here from different brands and they all feel amazing, they re so soft. I'm so excited to try these as I've only ever used Morphe brushes in the past and there is a few brands that are new to me here. Let me know if theres any brushes you guys would recommend.

Katie x

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  1. Those brushes actually look amazing, I need a good blending brush. I think I need a Sigma one! I need to know more of your thoughts on the stila primer! xx